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Episode Appearances[]

Season One[]

"It Begins and Returns" (first appearance)

"Lost My Remote"

"Deep Space Nine"

"And They Counted"

"Cold Case"

"Hero VS Villains"


"Professor Power's Enterprise"

"Remote Control"

"Call of Duty"

"A Man Called Medulla"

"The Lost Hero"


"Cool N' Out"

"Attack of the Clones"

"Deceive and Conquer"

"Justice League"

"The Secret Files"

"Return of the Bowser Jr."

"Parents Upset"

"The Army of One"

"Flight of the Koopalings"

"Playing Games"

"The Ring of the Master"

"Planet 51"

Season Two[]

"The Academy"

"The Power Files"

"The Robot Machines"


"Secret Saturday"

"Battle to Rescue"

Season Three[]

Season Four[]

Season Five[]


Season Six[]

Season Seven[]

Season Eight[]

Season Nine[]

Season Ten[]

Season Eleven[]

Season Twelve[]

Season Thirteen[]

Season Fourteen[]

Season Fifteen[]

Season Sixteen[]

Season Seventeen[]

Season Nineteen[]

Season Twenty[]

"The High School Planet" (final appearance)