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Esther (voiced by Regina King) is a legendary Elliciper, which makes her the alpha (leader) of the tribe. She is the oldest of her two sisters. She appeared to be romantically interested in Nightmare.


Esther is usually calm but resorts to violence if she sees that her sisters in danger. She is fiercely loyal to her friends and family and does anything to please and save them. She also loves anything round and smooth. She has developed other emotions (crying, falling in love, anger, etc).

But she mostly has developed very strong feelings towards Nightmare, but she is unable to express her feeling toward him.



  • Elda -
  • Eva -
  • Ichigo Urashima -
  • Nightmare - Esther was immediately fascinated by Nightmare from the moment they first met, and developed an infatuation with him. Esther eagerly wants to be able to trust Nightmare, even after it became apparent that he is the main antagonist in series. In "Elves At War, Part Two", when they first meet one another, Esther immediately develop affections for him but Nightmare denies it. In "The Nightmare, Part Two", Nightmare