When a strange fleet of dark ships floats above many worlds, the heroes of those worlds must fight back against one of the greatest evils ever known: The Armageddon Lord! This videogame is for the Ps2, PsP, DS, Wii, and Xbox 360

==Playable Characters (Weapon, World, Special Move)==

*'''Winnie the Pooh''' (Hunny Cannon, Hundred Acre Wood, Hunny Field)

*'''Tigger''' (Tail, Hundred Acre Wood, Bounce Time!)

*'''Simba''' (Lion Tooth, Pride Lands, Mega Roar)

*'''Kiara''' (Lion's Claw, Pride Lands, Great Roar)

*'''King Mickey Mouse''' (Darkside Kingdom Key, Disney Castle, Great Light)

*'''Goofy''' (Knight's Shield, Disney Castle, Goofy Missle)

*'''Phineas Flynn''' (Wrench, Tri-State Area, Rollercoaster)

*'''Ferb Fletcher''' (Hammer, Tri-State Area, Amazing Shrink-Ray)

*'''Yang''' (Bamboo Sword, City of the Woo Foo, Woo Foo Aura)

*'''Yin''' (Bamboo Staff, City of the Woo Foo, Woo Foo Aura)

*'''Lightning McQueen''' (Whitewall Tires, Radiator Springs, Boost Jet)

*'''Mater''' (Hook, Radiator Springs, Hook Cannon)


*Pooh's Awakening (Playable: Winnie the Pooh, Tigger)

*Demise of the Pride Lands (Playable: Simba, Kiara)

*King Mickey's Battle (Playable: King Mickey Mouse, Goofy)

*Robot Rumble (Playable: Phineas Flynn, Ferb Fletcher)

*Revenge of the NightMaster (Playable: Yin, Yang)

*Cars vs Evil (Playable: Lightning McQueen, Mater)

*Meeting Each Other (Playable: Yang, Mater, Phineas Flynn)

*Master of Shadows (Playable: Lightning McQueen, Kiara)

*Mount You-would-have-to-be-an-idiot-to-climb-this-mountain (Playable: Yin, Tigger, Simba)

*Left Behind (Playable: Pooh, Ferb Fletcher, Mater)