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El Drako is an experiment created by Dr. Hämsterviel using similar genetic blueprints to that of Stitch. It is because of this that El Drako does not have an official number. He is a crimson, roughly koala/dragon/dog-like experiment with Ace-like body and arms, yellow orange chin and stomach, mahogany Stitch-like nose, two sharp-tipped antennae, black stripes on his shoulders and arms, and hands with dark claws and ears with cream-brown insides similar to Leroy. He is the owner of a Mexican restaurant called Salsa Is Your Salsa in the Okinawan mall. He is the master of martial experts. He resembles a cross between Ace and Leroy. He is able to speak full English as well as Tantalog, his native language (with a smooth Spanish accent).


Cunning, lustful, smart, intelligent, cruel, vicious, ruthless, dangerous, and a very tough experiment. He also cares a lot about his pet Komodo Dragon, El Komodo.



  • El Drako's role is almost similar to Eduardo from Despicable Me 2.