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Drammatica Musicana Fantasia is an upcoming animated feature film and the fourth film in the Fantasia series.

Unlike Fantasia, Fantasia 2000, and Fantasia 2011, Drammatica Musicana Fantasia has only original music pieces besides two shorts and it features heavy references to the current fifty-four Disney movies.


There are a total of 52 original shorts with 2 shorts from the previous films.

  • The Music Under The Apple Tree
  • A Chorus Of Wishing Stars
  • The Sorcerer's Apprentice
  • The Circus That Flies
  • Bambi and the Spring Sprite
  • Three Happy Amigos: A Latin American Cocktail
  • A Wolf In The Orchestrated Snowland
  • The Caprice Of The Beanstalk
  • Bumble Boogie
  • A Scherzo In The Middle of Nowhere
  • The Midnight Ball Of The Glass Slipper
  • The March Of The Roses
  • A Symphony In Neverland
  • Notte Of Sweet Music
  • A Sleepy Lullaby
  • 101 Jambory
  • The Sword Of Music
  • The Bare Caprice
  • Concerto Of The French Felines
  • A Stealer's Song
  • A Children's Book
  • A Melody Of Mice
  • A Furry Friendship Of Chords
  • The Cut Of The Cauldron
  • The Detective Blues
  • A Doggone Downtown Ditty
  • The Clef Under The Sea
  • The Orchestra Down Under
  • The Waltz Of The Rose
  • A Flying Ballet
  • Rhythm of the Pride Lands
  • The Chants Of The Spirits
  • The Soul Of The Bells
  • Gods Of Music
  • The Aria Of Pink Leafs
  • Vines Of The Beat
  • Carnival Of The Animals - Finale
  • Dino Dance
  • Inca Groove
  • Myth Of The Lost Music
  • Calypso Of The Cosmos
  • Space Pirate Shanties
  • The Symphony Of The Northern Lights
  • Ballads In The Wild Frontier
  • Scherzo Of The Falling Sky
  • A Futuristic Mix
  • Hollywood Jam
  • The Jazz Down In The South
  • Fugue Of Floating Lights
  • Return To The Music Of Childhood
  • A Pixelated Piece
  • Sounds Of A Snowfall
  • Harmony For The Heroes