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Season 1 (2006-2007)[]

No. Title Description
1 Dragon Physiology

Part One

A mystical dragon named Ryūji arrives in Manhattan and meets a beautiful high school student named Usagi Kojima, who soon became his friend.
2 Dragon Physiology

Part Two

3 Dragon Physiology

Part Three

Nikki suffers from albinism (white hair) and wants her youth back. She started to hang out with Nina in order to regain her youth. Meanwhile, Nancy tries to help Norman to win the heart of his crush, Mako.
4 Nolan gets a job at the new juice station at the food court, Slusho Gurdo. Meanwhile, Nancy is delighted when her boss gives her a check for $50, but she and Nina soon fights over how to spend it.
5 Norman loses the family's money again, his boss offers him the chance to perform in a commercial for the Sweater Store. Meanwhile, Norman and Mako goes on their first date to a Japanese Restaurant called, Moe Café.
6 Heavy Texture Nora gets her first summer job, he gets to work at the cosmetic store called Beauty's Butte. Meanwhile, Nolan becomes friends with a new Slusho Gurdo employee named Donnie Anne, but spends so much time with her.
7 Jingle Cell Nikki is taking Norman to the hospital after getting hurt on Christmas. Meanwhile, Nina, Nolan, and Nora tries to survive the Christmas shopping rush.
8 Mr. Good


Meanwhile, Nolan is teased by Karrie & Darrie after becoming a temporary apprentice because his tag says "Lil' App", which is short for Little Apprentice.
9 The Big Flash! Norman is hospitalized from an accident, Nikki becomes overprotective of the family, much to Nolan's disapproval. Meanwhile, Nancy and Nora tries to look good in perfect photo for her mom.
10 Dumb Cupid It's Valentine's Day in the mall, and Norman starts spending more time with his girlfriend, Donnie Anne. Meanwhile, Nora is too polite to speak her mind, so Nolan teaches her to be more direct.
11 A Huge Fuse! Nikki turns into a raging monster at the supermarket after being repeatedly pestered by her sisters to buy candy. Meanwhile, Norman gets a pet fish.