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Dollianne's Look Alike is a stray Jaguar who somehow escape from The Ninchantiss Zoo. She is often mistaken for Dollianne by King Jack, Hannibal McFist and Randy Cunningham.

Characters Stupidity/Confusion[]

Some characters (Mainly Jack) tend to mistake Dollianne for a jungle cat with excess hair. It is most likely due to Kittie's cat like nature, similar hair style, and eyes. Also Kittie herself thinks her look alike is a walking mirror. The only characters who can tell the difference is Queen Staci, Babi, and Howard.

Strange Behavior[]

The jaguar tends to enjoy gnawing on oak wood, and only oak wood. She also has a slight friendship towards Jack Crabgrass, as they like to play Badminton and watch game shows. She also doesn't consume much meat, only gnawing on hard wooden surfaces.


  • It is unknown how Dollianne's look alike escaped from the zoo.
  • Following that, it is unknown how it only eats oak wood.
  • Apperently, Jack is able to understand the jaguar.