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Dogs and the City is a Pixar fanmade movie directed by Gary Rydstrom and written by Michael Arndt. It will star the voices of Steven R. McQueen, Zach Galifiankakis, Jason Issacs, Aly Michalka, Sofia Vergara, Sara Hyland, Michael Keaton, and Gary Oldman. It will be out in November 17, 2017.


The story revolves around Dojo, a Beagle, who lives in the rural life, but always have a dream to live in the big city. One day, Dojo decides to leave his home and goes on a journey towards the city of Dooville. Adjusting the city life, Dojo befriends Monty the wildly St. Bernard; Lily the Chihuahua; Pedro the Wiener dog; and Annie the sweet golden retriever who Dojo has feelings. However his new life in the big city might be halted when not only he encounters the city-owned dog king, Spike, a Rottweiler, who challenges Dojo as a weakling, but Dojo continues to think about his old life. Dojo realizes that he has to make a choice either stay in the glitzy life of the city or go back home to his sweet farmer family. Either way it will affect everyone he cares about. Should he stay and follow his dream? Or should he go back to place that always been his home?


  • Steven R. McQueen as Dojo, a naive Beagle who lives in a rural farm family, but always dream to live in the sparkling city of Dooville. (Main protagonist)
  • Zach Galifianakis as Monty, a wildly St. Bernard; he instantly befriends Dojo.
  • Jason Issacs as Spike, a bullish Rottweiler who is the self-claimed king of Dooville; he is the leader of the Royal Junk Gang. (Main antagonist)
  • Aly Michalka as Annie, a sweet Golden Retriever who becomes a love interest for Dojo.
  • Sofía Vergara as Luna, a sassy Chihuahua with a Spanish accent. She likes Dojo and tries to help him get use to the city.
  • Rob Riggle as Pat, a quirky Wiener dog who befriends Dojo.
  • Sarah Hyland as Kate, the farmer's daughter and owner of Dojo; she becomes upset when Dojo ran away and decides to find him.
  • Zak Orth as Bud, a boxer and the comical "second-in-command" of the Royal Junk Gang.
  • John Ratzenberger as Wilks, a seasoned dog catcher who tries to snatch a dog.
  • Gary Oldman as Sir Trask, a English bulldog and a wise guide who tries to help Dojo understands his meaning of life.
  • Michael Keaton as Farmer Sam, Kate's father and overworked farmer. He gets upset when he finds out Dojo is gone and worries about Kate when she tries to search for him.


Randy Newman is the composer of the film. He will have a new theme song, "Dreaming of My Life"; and Arcade Fire will have a song "Looking Ahead" in the ending credits.