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Disney Racers (also known as Disney Wild Racers) is a line of die-cast cars sold at Disneyland and Walt Disney World theme parks. The cars are modeled in the forms of Disney characters and theme park attractions.


The line originally started as Disney Wild Racers in 2002 under Disney Consumer Products and were sold in two-packs. Only 3 waves were made and the series was discontinued. However due to strong sales at the Disney Parks, merchandising obtained the original molds and started making their own cars in 2005. With the Parks now handling production Lucasfilm joined in creating Star Wars racers as they loved the idea.

List of Cars Available[]

Disney's Wild Racers[]

When rereleased by the parks, they were sold separately. Waves 1 and 2 were released with vanity plates (all but Timon, Mad Hatter, and Goofy)

Disney Parks[]

Star Wars[]

File:Aurra Sing Die Cast Disney Racer - Star Wars.jpg
File:Aurra sing disney racers.jpg

Star Wars Packaging

Special Sets[]

  • Mickey Transporter


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