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Cartoon Central (formerly Disney4Kids) is a sister channel of Disney Channel. It shows nothing but cartoons for kids. The channel will first launch in the Philippines and soon be an international channel.

Programming Blocks[]

6AM to 7AM: Mickey Mouse and Friends[]

The block will feature the old Disney shorts with Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald and many more.

10AM to 12PM: Oggies at 10![]

The block will feature two hours of non-stop Oggy and the Cockroaches.

12PM to 1PM: Lunch Bloopers[]

The block will feature Oggy and the Cockroaches, Zig and Sharko and Oscar's Oasis.

3PM to 5:30PM: Waaayback![]

This block will feature the 2000 to 2008 Disney shows.

5:30 - 6:30: Stay if you like[]

This block will feature two Xilam series Oggy and the Cockroaches and Space Goofs. This is a play of words on the CNPH's block "Stay if you dare" which also features Oggy and the Cockroaches.

Rating system[]

The Philippines feed of the channel will have the MTRCB ratings.

General Patronage (G): The most common type of rating in the channel. It's featured in almost every cartoon show (except for 1 episode of Oggy and the Cockroaches and Mr. Bean). With this rating, all people can view this show/program. Its color code is green.

Parental Guidance/Patnubay at Gabay (PG): This rating is showed on the episode of Oggy and the Cockroaches titled "Toys R Oggy" due to the character's brain getting knocked out of their heads. And Mr. Bean. Some movies at 10PM have also a PG rating depends on what type of movie it is. Its color code is blue

Strong Parental Guidance/Striktong Patnubay at Gabay (SPG): A rare rating in the channel. The rating only shows on selected movies and two animated show (e.g. Ren and Stimpy Show, CTCD). Its color code is red and only shows from 12MN to 5:20AM

A 10-second (sometimes 3 seconds) full screen advisory will show up everytime before a show or a movie. The advisory will display G, PG or SPG with the Filipino and English meaning in the bottom. The channel will feature an english narrator. (Along with ETC, TalkTV, Second Avenue)

Words with italicized letters are the Filipino language ratings.

To see the ratings on each show, go here:

List of programs broadcasted by Cartoon Central