The logo for the movie.

Disney's One Snowy World is an upcoming original animated Disney Fanon. The animation will use 50% computer-generated animation and 50% tradional hand-drawn animation. The movie is scheduled to release of 2013.


The plot centers around a comical male polar bear, Teddy White (Jim Cummings), and a comical male penguin, Patrick Penguin (Kenneth Mars), in a snowy world that they are very used to. Seeking to see adventures and new places, they head out to explore the outside world. Along the way, they'll meet an army of snowmen include a general named General Snowfrost (Simon Pegg) and a captain named Captain Icechill (Gary Sweet). Meanwhile, a malicious team of walrus named Team Malicious (Nathan Lane & Kevin Schon) try to find perfect "dummies" for their ultimate science expirement.


  • Teddy White - Jim Cummings
  • Patrick Penguin - Kenneth Mars (his final role)
  • General Snowfrost - Simon Pegg
  • Captain Icechill - Gary Sweet
  • Team Malicious - Nathan Lane & Kevin Schon
  • Snowdog - John Travolta


The music will be done again, by Alan Menken with David Zippel as the lyricist.


Snowqueenji5 web

One of the storyboards. The Polar Bear and the Penguin will look similar to the ones in this movie.

Storyboard selections web

The last three sketches depict of what the snowmen may look like.

The idea for this movie came from storyboard sketches from the on hold movie by Disney, "The Snow Queen".