Disney's Animated Myths and Legends is an animated educational comedy-drama series created by Greg Weisman. it ran from December 5, 1997 to October 6, 2003.


Each episode is narrated by Tony Jay as an unnamed storyteller. He reads the tales from his story book. The series features myths and legends from different cultures around the world, such as Greek, Norse, Roman, Native American, Aboriginal, Indian, Japanese, African, Chinese, Inca, Mayan, Celtic, Egyptian, Persian, Mesopotamian, Filipino, Polynesian, Brazilian, Korean, Middle Eastern and Aztec, as well as various religious stories. 


Along with Weisman, former Gargoyles creators Dennis Woodyard, Michael Reeves, Bob Kline and Lydia Morano collaberated along with Bob Hathcock, Tad Stones and Toby Shelton of Aladdin (TV Series). The theme and score was composed by Harvey Cohen. 


Tony Jay-Narrator, Horus, Supay, Ravana

Cree Summer-Stheno

Jeff Bennett-Beowulf, Roman soldier, Mars, Villager, Unferth, Egyptian merchant, Androcles, Achilles, Ares, Spectator wallah

Kath Soucie-Queen Wealthow, Bastet, Euratye, Village woman, Roman boy, Rhea Silvia, Athena, Psyche

Jim Cummings-King Hrothgar, Anubis, Palace guard, Farmer, Inca priest, Set, Merchant, Knight

Frank Welker-Hydra, Pegasus, Villager, Horse, Wolf, Eagle, Sheep, Cow, Lion, Vulcan, Dog, Textile merchant, Fenrir, Sleipnir, Dragon, Politician#1, Hanuman

Rob Paulsen-Hermes, Pan, Greek soldier, Great Spirit, Coyote, Indra, Native American man

Billy West-Grendel, Villager, Moses

Tara Strong-Girl, Pele

Michael Horse-Indian chief

Keith David-Zeus

Steve Blum-Sobek, Camazotz, Aztec priest

Tabitha St. Germain-Artio, Brigid, Medusa

Keith Silverstein-Yen Lo Wang, Gbekre

Eka Darville-Baron Samedi

Jonathan Adams-Chernobog, Apollo, Dagon, Heyoka

Peter Cullen-Belobog, Ahura Mazda, Jade Emperor, Osiris, The Dagda

David Kaye-Tezcatlipoca, Whiro, Ra, Allah, Ganesha

Andres Williams-Ah Puch

Susan Blu-Amaterasu

Greg Cipes-Sun Wukong

James Sie-Baiame, Kukulkan

Tim Curry-Balor

Jonathan Winters-Odin