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'Destinee' is a secondary antagonist in Big Hero 6: The Show Must Go On.

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Voice: Malu Trevejo

Portrayed by: Rainie Rodriguez

inspiration: Karen Smith from Mean Girls, Ed from The Lion King, HeiHei from Moana, Rochelle from Barbie

Alignment: bad

Appearance: black hair, black cardigan, white shirt, blue high heels, bell bottom jeans, gray eyes

Occupation: member of Plastics, Hannah's ex best friend

Personality: dumb, manipulative, obsessed, crazy, prideful, obnoxious, dimwitted, cowardly, selfish, two faced, hypocritical, hard headed, lying, fake

Likes: obsessing over her looks, herself, to dress to impress, looking in the mirror, bullying Hannah, spreading rumours about her, her friends, pop music, pickles, lipstick, hoop earrings

Dislikes: Hannah not being offended, Hannah's fame and fortune, people trying to defend her, mustard

Weapons: hurtful words, mind control over Tadashi 

Other Names:

Cold hearted (by Hiro)

Evil (by Honey Lemon)

Sweetheart (sarcastically, by Joseph)

Ew (by Hannah)


"We'll catch you one day, goobers"

"I need two more hours!"

"Should've worn my waterproof make up." 

"I just did my hair!"

Goals: to expose Hannah and win respect

Fate: arrested with Teresa and Gg for internet troll recognition and domestic violence


  • The reason behind she and Hannah's ended friendship was the same as Gg's
  • She was originally planned and designed to be the leader of the Plastics
  • She's a mix of Lebanese and Norwegian