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Second Generation: LuckyXRebbecca puppies[]


These are Lucky and Rebbecca's puppies, Romeo is the second oldest next to Valentine, Cupid is the third born pup, and Eros and Songbird are born a minute apart. 


Romeo: Red collar with one black ear and a hear with an arrow through it on his right shoulder

Valentine: Blue collar black ears with a heart on the right one, mostly heart shaped spots on her legs and cheeks. Black tipped tuft of fur on her head

Cupid: Pink collar with three hearts on her right cheek with heart spots on her body

Eros: Red collar like Romeo's white ears with spots covering his lower body

Songbird: Green collar with blck ears and clover shaped spots on her body


Romeo: More of a daredevil pup, Romeo eventually falls in love with the beautiful Juliet, one of Two-Tone's girls, and usually likes to hang out with her more than anything. He hates it when his dad gets mad, especially at him, and usually stays in the house until Lucky's temper dies down. 

The rest are coming soon!