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Officer Darryl Parks is the father of Chyna and Cameron Parks and the husband of Roxanne Parks. He is also a "highly decorated" member of the San Francisco Police Department. He loves his children, and will do anything to protect them. He's also commonly mistaken for a mall cop.


Though he obviously loves his daughter, he can be very overprotective. He considered pulling her out of the ANT program after the first episode because he thought she wasn't ready for high school. It has also been shown that he is very incompetent at his job, such as letting a purse thief run by him while he was laughing at him for having a purse or letting a suspect escape while he went to the bathroom. He also tends to treat his son Cameron differently than Chyna.


In the pilot "Transplanted", there is a running gag where everybody (especially Lexi) mistakes him for a mall cop. He takes Chyna to the A.N.T. Farm, and catches them at a party.

In "SciANTs Fair", he gets excited when Lexi comes over, thinking that Cameron finally is successfully interacting with girls.

In "StudANT Council", he spends some time with Fletcher, because his own son doesn't hang out with him and Fletcher was suddenly being so nice to him just to get to Chyna.

In "The InformANT", he gets gifts for his kids from the evidence locker. Chyna doesn't like her bag so she buys a new one without Darryl knowing, so he thinks she's shoplifting. He then hires Officer-39 to spy on her at school. He then finds out about Chyna's bag, but doesn't make a big deal out of it.

In "The ReplacemANT", he helps Cameron on his 1000 word essay.

In "America Needs TalANT", he waits at a popular food truck with Fletcher & Cameron.

Relationships with other characters[]

Chyna Parks (1998- Present; Daughter)[]

Chyna is his daughter and he'll do whatever he can to protect her. He loves her as much as any father would love his daughter.

Cameron Parks (1993-Present; Son)[]

Cameron is his son. Cameron seemed to be very close and have a good father/son relationship. In "StudANT Council" Cameron has admitted that he loves him and misses spending time with his dad.

Roxanne Parks (Unknown Present; Wife)[]

They are married and he also got her wedding ring from his police evidence locker.


  • In "America Needs TalANT", he has a fear of flying.
  • In "SANTa's Little Helpers", it is revealed that every time he and the family celebrated Christmas, he ends up in the hospital.