You mean you've never heard of Daphne? The best cheerleading captain? What rock are you hiding under?
―Daphne introducing herself

Daphne is a minor antagonist in The Goddesses of Sr. High. She is Apollo's former crush, Ophelia's rival, and captain of the Nymph Cheer Squad.



Daphne is shown to be snobbish and bossy. She thinks she is the queen of Olympus Prep and that boys are not worthy of dating her. She is very direct with her feelings on Apollo, showing disgust and dislike for his affections. She hates it when people stand up her, like Ophelia.


Daphne is a slender teen with a tan complextion, blonde hair in a ponytail, green eyes and blue eyeshadow.

Like most characters, her outfit varies throughout the series.

Role in the Series

In My New Olympus Life, she rejects Apollo once again, throwing his flowers to the ground. Ophelia then stands up to her when she is verbally abusing Apollo, thus running away from her. She then becomes her rival at the end of the episode.


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