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Daisy laid an egg and that egg is in trouble.

That egg disappear because the Morniter Mouse stole it.

He put the egg in the waterfall.

But Daisy's friends didn't know that she laid an egg.

When she told the news to her friends, Minnie thought it is going to be a girl.

But Donald and Mickey thought it is going to be a boy.

Minnie told Daisy that she and Mickey didn't married yet.

Daisy replied that she is single too.

Daisy is the leader of the clubhouse friends.

The owner is Mickey, but Daisy is the leader.

Mickey prepared his mouseket tools.

Then all of them tried to save Daisy's egg.

Daisy reminded her friends to keep trying.

This time Quoodles is obeying Morniter Mouse.

Morniter Mouse ordered her to break the egg, but Toodles got it.

Quoodles is Toodles' girlfriend, but she had to obey the Morniter Mouse.

So she forced to stop.

But they used the Mouseket tools to save the egg.

Meanwhile Daisy's father, Matt had tried to prepare the party.

Daisy's paternal grandmother(father's mother) also congulate the egg.

Louise, mother of Daisy also had come.

Minnie's family, her father Nessa, her paternal grandfather Kate, and her uncle Pearl, had come too. They are minor characters at Daisy has a son in the future.

Donald and Minnie argued whether the duckling is a girl or a boy.

Three months later, the egg hatched.

Minnie thinks it is a girl, so Minnie called she, but Daisy corrected that is her son. Daisy decided to call him David.

So Daisy became mother of David.

David started to talk while he heard Daisy is talking.

David was finding his father, thought that Donald is his father.

Daisy told the truth to her son.

Daisy said to David that Donald is not his father.

She said to him that he does not have a father and his grandparents are her parents. David said that his grandparents are his mother's parents.

The other episote, David will miss his mother And welcoming Maggie. Maggie is Minnie Mouse's cousin. In this fan-made episote, Daisy's son David will appear, but next episote it is about Minnie's family.