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Craig is the tritagonist of the Weird World franchise. He is voiced by Chris Tucker.


Official Bio[]

"Whilst a great friend and full of loyalty, he's very stupid and often feels very scatter-brained. Also, beware - he has a ginormous appetite."



Craig is very stupid and often feels very scatter-brained, meaning he'll do the most random things that come to mind, no matter how strange they are. He often feels really hungry and will gobble up just about anything, even non-food objects. But he's still a kind and helpful individual and whilst lacking in intelligence, he never lacks in loyalty and stays by his friends' side no matter what.

Physical appearance[]

Craig is a blue egg with a few dots all over his body, kind of like a robin's egg. He has one big blue eye and a small mouth, which is able to grow when he eats and a very long red tongue, kind of like a chameleon's. He has blue sleeve-like arms with small pincers. He wears a silver top hat with a star on it and he doesn't have any hair, which explains why he wears it. And he has a metal spring on his bottom half, which enables him to jump so high.


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Quotes and Lines[]

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  • He is the first-ever Disney character to be cycloptic.
  • He has astraphobia, the fear of thunderstorms.
    • This has yet to be shown, however.
  • Throughout the first film, there's a running gag where many music playing is coming from a stereo he is holding.
    • The gag returned in the episode Season 4 episode Alter-Indie Concert and was used quite often again since.
  • While he'll eat anything, the one thing he will not eat at all is glass.
  • In the episode Ghost Hunt, Craig became a ghost.
    • In the episode Craig's Shell, he recovered his shell and since then, he's tried to transform back to his physical form. However, in the episode Time for Another Ghost Hunt, his shell became possessed by The Ghost King (along with the physical body of Tyler) and it was then erased from existence after Tyler (in his ghost form) sacrificed himself to defeat the king and save Weird World, thus making Craig's ghost form permanent.
      • However, he did turn back into his physical self in The Weird World 4nale (Part 2) following his sacrifice to set free his friends from the giant cage that The Water Wand built in The Prism Dimension, after being electrocuted by the energy that reached his body, which somehow caused him to regain his former self.
        • His ghost form kind of resembled his deceased adoptive father Luke Montgomery.
  • He has an infinite digestive system, meaning he can eat as much as he wants without feeling full or sick.
  • Craig is cold blooded.
    • This is ironic, given he’s a robin’s egg and robins are warm blooded.
  • Craig's laser guns have ten colours on them and each one has a different ability.
    • Red: No special ability. Just normal red lasers.
    • Orange: Burning things with fire.
    • Yellow: Craig will become invulnerable if he shoots himself.
    • Green: Creating defensive walls made of plants.
    • Cyan: Freezing things in solid ice.
    • Blue: Flooding the area with water.
    • Purple: Creates an ultraviolet patch, revealing secret messages. He can also use them to poison enemies.
    • Pink: Acts like a love potion and can turn bad guys good.
    • Black: Darkens a bright area.
    • White: Brightens a dark area.
      • The colour pad in The Weird World 4nale (Part 2) resembles the order of the colour switch on his guns.
  • His birthday is June 2nd.
    • This means his birthstone is a pearl, just like Stephanie.
  • In Weird World 2: The Golden Hour, Craig revealed he has the ability to look into his past life.
    • In his past life, he was a melodeath rocker from Hell.
  • Craig revealed in the episode Three's a Charm that he can breathe underwater and has both lungs and gills.
  • He reveals in the episode Cold Enough for You? that he's at least 33,281 years old.
  • Whilst initially receiving criticism because of his annoyance and lack of character development, being served as a typical comic relief, since Weird World 2: The Golden Hour, the character has since been met with critical acclaim for his style of humour, development, character arc and Chris Tucker's voice performance.