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Crackers is a major character in Youngsters. He is a little cat kitten that wonders neighborhood in toontown, usaully get bad luck. He became one of the earliest friends of Brandi when she moved to Toontown.


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Crackers is a powder blue kitten with a baby blue face and a fuzzy smooth tail. His nose is chartreuse green and his pink eyes turn bloodshot when he's scared. During crying moments, 


Crackers acts timidly sweet at most times. He is usually is seen searching for food in rural toon areas when not seen with friends. He does anything to be liked by people (especially his heroes). Crackers is shown to be a big fan of Bonkers, who annouces him as his "biggest unknown fan"  since he has no home (yet) and can't talk (only meow), Crackers does anything to impress Bonkers all together. When characters that don't like him show up, thats when Crackers gets more cowardly than usaully, screaming when ever. Since he can only meow, very few people actually know what he's saying (except his friends).  

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Crackers is usually pounded by people when they see him, making

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