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"The Gnat? I'll let it go for, eh...25 Tokens."

-Classic Lolbit making an offer with Freddy.

Classic Lolbit is a supporting character in the 1999 animated Disney film, FNAF World and one of the (former) secondary antagonists in it's 2000 sequel, Sister Location. And in Ultimate Night he is an antagonist, a servant of X.O.R!

He is voiced by Quinton Flynn and his voice actor in the 2019 film Ultimate Night is Kevin Schon



In the non-canon story of FNAF World, Classic Lolbit is very kind towards his customers and hopes he'll be able to be successful at his jobs. He appears to be good friends with Fredbear, Gold Bonnie, BearLock, BonTrap, Spring Freddy, Spring Bonnie, the Fazbear crew, Toy animatronics, and the classic animatronics.

In Sister Location, Lolbit is rather jittery, sly, mischievous, and deceptive, usually messing with screens and monitors with his hacking abilities to ruin the fun of the animatronics of Circus Baby's Pizza World.


Classic Lolbit is a hybrid of an arctic fox and red fox. He wears a sleeveless purple shirt and sunglasses (as he hates sunlight).

Role in films

FNAF World

Sister Location

Ultimate Night



  • Classic Lolbit is a hybrid of a red fox and an arctic fox.
  • His voice actor is Kevin Schon, who also voiced Timon in Disney's The Lion King Franchise.