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''Together as one is what makes Pizza Time fun!''

- Freddy singing with Classic Bonnie, Classic Chica, and Classic Foxy during the finale of Five Nights at Freddy's.

Freddy Fazbear is the main titular protagonist of the 1987 animated Disney film, Five Nights at Freddy's, its 1999 spin-off sequel, FNAF World, and serves as a major character throughout the franchise.

He is voiced by John Goodman.



Classic Freddy's jolly and enthusiastic personality is what makes him an iconic character. He takes care of all his friends and children of all ages, only because he cares so much of their well-being.

It is rare for Classic Freddy to lose his temper or raise his voice. He only becomes angry when necessary, not because he wants to. For example, if any of his friends are hurt by others, he would do anything to protect them. Another example would be for Classic Foxy's bitter and narcissistic behavior, causing the both of them to have a heated argument.

Classic Freddy is also known to be mournful at times because of the loss of friends from the past and his purpose for entertaining children is no longer needed. He's able to come to a conclusion with Classic Foxy, Classic Chica, and Classic Bonnie that they must move on in life.


Classic Freddy is a tall, brown grizzly bear, whereas, his chest and lower abdomen are light brown. He has black claws on his hands and feet, wears a black top hat and bow tie, has human-like teeth (rather than bear-like) and carries a black and gray microphone that he uses to sing to the children and make announcements in the pizzeria.

Role in the film

Five Nights at Freddy's

Classic Freddy Fazbear has dedicated his life to entertain those that visit his pizzeria. It’s not until he eavesdrops on a conversation between the employees that the restaurant will be closed by the end of the year, he becomes heartbroken that he was never destined to be remembered for his acts of entertainment.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

While not present in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, Freddy's past self (referred to as "withered" Classic Freddy) is present.

A scene during the events of Five Nights at Freddy's is shown in the post-credits of Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Classic Freddy is seen having flashbacks of being friends with the Classic toy animatronics.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

(Revised plot coming soon...)

FNAF World

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Ultimate Night

In Ultimate Night, he is one of the film's main protagonists and his role is for him and his friends to come out of X.O.R's Purgatoriy!

Other appearances

Ralph Breaks the Internet

Classic Freddy Fazbear, alongside Classic Bonnie, Classic Chica, and Classic Foxy, make cameos in Ralph Breaks the Internet as netizens from the Oh My Disney website.

Classic Freddy is seen taking a stroll with his friends, then Vanellope runs past them, much to their surprise, as she is being chased by the Star Wars stormtroopers.

Video games


Classic Freddy appears in the Disney INFINITY series as a playable character along with Classic Bonnie, Classic Chica, and Classic Foxy.

TV Shows

The News Adventures of Freddy Fazbear and Friends (1993)


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  • Classic Freddy Fazbear (along with Classic Foxy), is considered a fan-favorite character in the entire franchise, as he is quite recognized for all his appearances.
  • Phil Harris, Michael Douglas and Christopher Walken were considered for the role of Classic Freddy Fazbear, before John Goodman was elected.
  • Although there is no direct comparison, Classic Freddy is bigger than the others, since he is a bear and in real life, bears are large animals.
  • It is unknown if Classic Freddy and possibly Goldie have a relationship as brothers or cousins, since these possible relationships are never revealed.
  • Originally, Classic Freddy was going to have a much smaller role in the film, but the producers thought that Classic Freddy should appear more on screen and the idea was eliminated from the final film.
  • His voice actor, John Goodman also voices Baloo in The Jungle Book 2, Rex in We're Back! A Dinosaur Story and Pacha in The Emperor's New Groove.
  • Classic Foxy and Classic Freddy are very good friends, this can be seen in some scenes of the later films and not only in the first film, but throughout the franchise.
  • Classic Freddy Fazbear may have some similarities with Rex from We're Back! To Dinosaur Story:
    • Both are leaders of a quartet.
    • Both are fun and friendly.
    • Both become friends with a child (Rex befriends Louie and Classic Freddy befriends Katy).
    • Both are use the color brown for a reason (Although Classic Freddy is a grizzly bear and a Rex a Dinosaur).
    • Both are the title characters of their films.
    • Both Classic Freddy Fazbear and Rex were voiced by John Goodman.
  • Originally, there was a scene in which Classic Freddy was going to have a comic fight with Classic Foxy, forcing him out of his pirate cave before Classic Chica arrives and stops them both. Subsequently the scene was eliminated from the final movie. It can still be seen on the 2-disc DVD, on the platinum edition DVD and on the film Blu-Ray.
  • Originally it was thought that Classic Freddy would be an American black bear, but ended up being replaced by a grizzly bear.
  • It is shown that Classic Freddy apart from singing, also likes to make jokes thanks to his joke book to tell children and their closest friends.
  • Classic Freddy Fazbears bears a strong resemblance to Baloo from Disney's The Jungle Book (1967).