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Christina Marie Flores, known professionally as Christina Milian, is an American singer-songwriter, actress, dancer, and model. For Disney, she performed "Call Me, Beep Me!", the theme song of the Disney Channel animated series Kim Possible. She was also the host of the Disney Channel series Movie Surfers as a teenager, by the name of Tina.

Still as a Movie Surfer, Milian also hosted (partially in live-action) the two-part theatrical behind-the-scenes trailer of Tarzan, with part one on the Mulan VHS (in an indoor skate park known as "Skatelab"), and part two on that of A Bug's Life (partially in a jungle, and partially in a Hollywood recording studio with Phil Collins, who records the songs for the movie in said studio).

She also played Vanessa in the Fox/ABC Studios television series, Grandfathered.