Charli Mya Robles is a lead character of the Disney and Thirty-8 TV series Soulflake. She is voiced by Charli XCX.


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Charli often acts quite innocent and awkward around her fellow team members, but this is most likely because she lacks confidence and due to this, she can often get stressed out when something goes wrong or if she doesn't know to do. But she's such a nice girl with a heart of gold and has the energy, charisma and wisdom to aid her fellow team members when they're hurt. She can also get very flirty with the male team members, especially Felix Cruz.

Physical appearance

Charli has a pretty tall and slim body with pale skin, light blue eyes and freckles. She has reddish pink hair, which was originally styled as large and rather bushy, but is currently long and in bunches, which come down to her shoulders. Her normal outfit consists of white, gold and dark armour which exposes a lot of her skin and accessories wise, she has a gold tiara with a pink gem and a gold necklace with white feathers and a pink gem. Her original outfit consisted of a sleeveless pale yellow leather jacket with gold buttons, a white and pale yellow skirt, white bikini top with a gold centre, white trainers, dark red and gold belt, dark red gloves, pale yellow and white goggles, a dark red and gold collar, a gold chain, gold earrings with white feathers, a white bracelet on her right wrist and her left wrist, a white bracelet with gold spikes and a dark red bracelet with gold triangles.



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