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Chandra is a character and the main antagonist in Upside-Down Magic. She is the human manifestation of Shadow Magic. Chandra is portrayed by Yasmeen Fletcher.


Upside-Down Magic[]

Chandra is seen in the film eyeing Reina. She then struggles to stop Reina from running from her destiny and believes that she is perfect.


  • It's unknown if "Chandra" is her real name, or a pseudonym she chose as part of her human disguise.
  • Though initially believed to only possess Upside-down magic users, it's heavily implied that the Shadow Magic actually favors Flares as potential targets to possess, since both of her previous vessels, Reginald and Reina, are users of this type of magic (with Reginald coincidentally being a UDM at the same time), and she impersonate a flare student while manipulating Reina.