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This is my version for Bolt. I know the original movie but, I decided to write my own story of the canine hero.


Bolt Forrester

Penny Forrester

Mittens Forrester

Rhino Forrester

Dr. Forrester

Mrs. Forrester (cameo and mentioned)

Dr. Calico

Dr. Calico's thugs/minions

Dr. Calico's two cats


When Dr. Forrester sees some downloaded information on his computer at work, he knows something's wrong. To hide a serum he's been working on, he decides to inject it into his daughter's, Penny Forrester, American white shepherd, Bolt. But, after he gets captured by Dr. Calico, a scientist who does stuff outside of the law, it's up to Penny and her amazing dog, Bolt, to save him!


Prologue: Meet Bolt[]

At the Silver Lake Animal Rescue, all the puppies and pets were up bright and early because, they knew someone would walk right in and come to adopt one or two of them! Everyone mostly adopted the puppies and the kittens so they were even more excited! In the place where the puppies were kept, smack-dab in the middle of the store, there was a small American white shepherd puppy just waking up. The little pup yawned and noticed a rubber carrot toy.

Little Bolt in the pet shop.

Little Bolt in the pet shop.

All the other puppies were watching the pet store clerk walk to and fro. Some of them barked and that caught the puppy's attention. But, he looked back at the carrot and started to wrestle with it. He was on his back, until he noticed an eight year old girl walk through the doors with her mom. The girl's family was the Forresters and everyone at the pet store knew them well.

"Hurry, Penny!" Mrs. Forrester called to the little girl.

"I'm already done!" Penny replied looking straight into the white puppy's brown eyes. The little puppy looked at Penny, carrot in his mouth, until he noticed his tail. The pup chased his tail and turned around to face Penny.

"That one!" Penny giggled putting her hands to the glass of the pen. The puppy put his front paws to the glass and looked at Penny, wagging his tail.


Penny meeting Bolt for the first time

 The pet shop clerk picked him up and Penny caught him in her arms. "You're heavy!" Penny said as the puppy licked her face. "And slobbery!" Penny set the puppy on the tile flooring of the pet shop and reached into her pocked and grabbed a maroonish red collar and fastened it around the puppy's neck. Dangling from it was a golden tag. BOLT was printed on it. Penny kissed Bolt on top of his head. 


Penny petting Bolt

"You're a good boy!" Penny told the dog. Bolt licked her cheek. "You're my good boy." Penny wrapped her arms around the puppy and hugged him. There was no doubt about it, they were a team. 


Penny hugging Bolt