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Cats Go Lucky is an upcoming American/Canadian/Chinese 3D musical comedy-drama film produced by Walt Disney Studio.


Fangs is a teenage rebel and Māo Wěiba is aspiring singer meet and fall in love in Manhattan, as they face off against Ping Pong, an opera singer who become obsessed with cats and a mastermind behind the theft of the 14P serum.


  • Adam DeVine as Fangs, a skittish cat who becomes Mao's partner.
  • Gwendoline Yeo as Māo Wěiba, an kind-hearted alluring white cat.
  • Peyton List as Ping Pong, a villainous diva with an arrogant attitude.
  • Ryan Gosling as Novel, a dim-witted employee at Bhojan.
  • Aarti Mann as Ms. Nadvi, the owner of the restaurant, Bhojan.