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Catching Cold is the eighth episode in the crossover fan fiction series, The Wonderful Adventures of Pinocchio. Written by CynWann, the plot consists of Pinocchio catching his very first cold and getting seriously ill, due to Tigger's thoughtless actions.


Pinocchio and Kanga's son, Roo play marbles on a calm afternoon, as she and Pinocchio's adopted guardian, Terence have Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit and Eeyore over at the house to help them remove old belongings. Kanga offers the characters to spend the night since the job will take the entire evening. Shortly after Roo wins the final round of marbles, Pinocchio starts feeling drowsy from not being able to sleep for the last couple of nights. The puppet tells Terence that he is going upstairs to his room for a nap, while promising Roo they'll play later. Once Pinocchio gets to his room, he crawls into his bed and falls fast asleep.

Night soon comes around, and while Tigger helps Kanga with another box of old hand-me-downs, he suddenly starts feeling hot. Desperate to find somewhere to cool off, since most of the windows are locked, he heads to Pinocchio's room, being quiet as possible so he doesn't wake him. Tigger walks into the room, not disturbing Pinocchio the whole time, and opens his bedroom window; letting cold air come into it in the process. When Tigger comes back an hour later to close the window because it's getting cold, he notices Pinocchio shivering severely in his sleep. Confused, Tigger shrugs it off and leaves.