Careus is a character in The Goddesses of Sr High. He is a news broadcaster and host of his show Opportunity Knox!, an opportunity taker and an admirer of Ophelia.



Careus is a wise-cracking and helpful opportunity taker. Once he sees an opportunity for him to help, he takes it. He is also a people person, mainly trying to charm everyone around him, including beautiful girls like Ophelia. Careus also likes to live life to the fullest, seeking every opportunity he can to make a good memory.

Though he consists of cleverness, charm, and sarcasm, Careus had a big heart and cares about his friends. He never wants anything to happen to them and tries his best to sympathize with them. He loves Ophelia, cares about her feelings and opinions, and admirers that she's willing to see the good in people.

Careus is one of the few people to get along with Pheme, due to them having similar interests in news and gossip.


Careus is a slender human with fair skin, blood red hair often slicked up and forward, and dark green eyes.

His outfit varies, but his main one consists of a light yellow T shirt over an open orange collared long sleeve, light brown pants, brown shoes, black fingerless gloves, a light blue scarf, and a reporter's hat.


  • His name is based off of Caerus, who the personification of opportunity, luck, and favorable moments.
  • His design is inspired off of human Timon from The Lion King.


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