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An umcoming movie for disney called "Calvin and Hobbes:Grow up" Calvin is now a teenager and still plays with Hobbes but Calvin is about to turn 16 and he has to make the best of things before he gets rid of Hobbes once and for good.Coming June 23 2012.


Live Action[]

Nicky Jones as Young Calvin

Dylan Sprouse as Teen Calvin

Bella Thorne as Young Susie Derkins

Debby Ryan as Teen Susie

Teresa Gallagher as Calvin's Mom

Micheal Keaton as Calvin's Dad

Jake Weary as Teen Moe

Larry David as Uncle Max

Voice Actors[]

Trevor Devall as Hobbes


The movie starts out with Calvin (Nick Jones) and Hobbes (Trevor Devall) riding down a hill and falling into the ocean.The next day Calvin comes home from school and plays a game with Hobbes during their G.R.O.S.S meeting throwing apples at Susie and getting in trouble.Calvin's dad took lots and lots of pictures of Calvin's adventures.Years Later Calvin is 15 years old and his mom says "Should you really be bringing that stuffed tiger to school" and Calvin brings it to school.Calvin's dad wants Calvin to have talk with him about the day of giving up Hobbes once and for all.Calvin and Hobbes play video games for a while then go to bed.When Calvin wakes up Hobbes was missing from his bed,Calvin looks everywhere to find Hobbes until he see's Hobbes getting smashed into the garbage shoot.Calvin tries to save him but Hobbes falls into a recycling bin and goes to get sent to Tokyo gift center.Calvin's parents go on vacation while Calvin stays at his Uncle Max's house.Calvin tells uncle Max he's gonna go play but ends up pretending to be Gusto and drives Uncle Max's car.Calvin tries to get Hobbes back by taking a plane trip with Uncle Max to Tokyo and ends up getting Hobbes. The Movie ends with him celebrating his birthday by wishing to stay with Hobbes.