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Brother Bear III: The Wolf Brother is an animated Disney film and the second sequel of Brother Bear. The story takes place one year after the events of the second film, as Kenai's human brother Denahi reunites with Kenai after being transformed into a wolf by the Great Spirits.

Story (in progress)

From that day on, whenever Denahi, Tikaani and their kids goes to visit Kenai and his family, they would be turned into wolves by the Great Spirits. And whenever it's time to return to Denahi's village, the Great Spirits would turn them back into humans.


  • Denahi - main character; Kenai's human brother; he gets turned into a wolf by the Great Spirits as punishment for neglecting his wife and children which led to them get kidnapped.
  • Tikaani - Denahi's wife; kidnapped by her brother Yutu
  • Kenai - Denahi's brother; formerly human and now a bear
  • Nita - Kenai's wife; formerly human and now a bear
  • Sitka Jr., Amitola, Enyeto, and Angeni - Kenai and Nita's children; Sitka Jr. is the oldest
  • Koda - adopted brother of Kenai; he was a cub in the first two films, now an adolescent in the third film.
  • Winona - love interest of Koda
  • Chilkoot - Nita's father; former chief of his tribe and turned into a bear by the Great Spirits in between the second film and the third film; leader of the bears after Tug's death.
  • Amaruq and Yura - Denahi and Tikaani's twin children; kidnapped by Yutu
  • Yutu - main antagonist; Tikaani's brother; used to be Denahi's childhood friend; but he turns out to be dangerous hunter
  • Rutt and Tuke - a pair of moose brothers
  • Anda and Kata - mates of Rutt and Tuke
  • Aurora and Cadence - Aurora is Rutt and Anda's daughter while Cadence is Tuke and Kata's daughter
  • Sitka - Kenai and Denahi's deceased brother; appears as a spirit; sometimes appears physically only as an eagle
  • Tug - former leader of the bears; died in between the second and third films and resides among the Great Spirits
  • Hoonah - Tug's widowed mate; gave birth to children before Tug's death



  • Tug only has a silent cameo appearance as a spirit as he was killed off since his voice actor Michael Clarke Duncan passed away on September 3, 2012