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Princess Briar Rose, also known as Sleeping Beauty, is a major character in Beyond the Woods.



Briar is a pretty sixteen year old girl with fair skin, long, wavy blonde hair, and green eyes. Her hair is styled in a half undo with a flower shaped knot.

Briar is first seen in a white nightgown decorated with pink embroidery, and a dusty pink robe. Afterwards, she mostly wears an off-white blouse, a dark pink jacket with black thorn patterns, reddish black pants, and brown lace-up boots.

Her gala dress has a pink bodice with darker pink mesh, a pink skirt decorated with black lace, and petal-shaped peplums with rose and thorn patterns. Her slippers are black with thorn patterns. She accessorizes with rose-inspired earrings and bracelets, and a silver tiara with pink rose-shaped jewels.


Due to being cursed to sleep for eternity when she first felt pain, Briar's parents were extremely protective of their daughter, and took every imaginable measure to ensure her safety. However, even as a child, Briar was wild, fearless and hungered for excitement. Now that the sleeping curse has been lifted, Briar plans to make up for lost time and live every minute to the fullest.