Bolt: The Animated Series (or sometimes named BOLT) is an upcoming American 2021 TV show to air on Disney XD. It's also Bolt's Lightning Strikes


Bolt's Adventures

A dog named Bolt goes on adventures with a cat named Mittens and a hamster named Rhino. Their owner, a girl named Penny, gets into mishaps and trouble and it's up to Bolt to save her.

Bolt: The TV Series

A girl named Penny and a dog named Bolt are captured by aliens when they both are being healed at the hospital. Now both will have to find a way to escape.


Bolt's Adventures

  • John Travolta as Bolt
  • Miley Cyrus as Penny
  • Susie Essman as Mittens
  • Mark Walton as Rhino

Bolt: The TV Series

  • Patton Oswald as Bolt
  • Chloë Moretz as Penny
  • Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Calico
  • Frank Welker as Aliens


List of Bolt: The Animated Series episodes