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The Black Panther has been the protector of Wakanda for many generations. A mantle passed from warrior to warrior. Now because your friend murdered my father, I also wear the mantle of king. So, I ask you, as both warrior and king, how long do you think you can keep your friend safe from me?
―T'Challa to Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson[src]

T'Challa is a Marvel Comics character who is the king of Wakanda, a superhero, and a member of the Avengers dresses as the sacred spirit of the Black Panther to fight crime. He is a major character of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as one of the tritagonists of Captain America: Civil War and later appeared as the titular protagonist of Black Panther, he is also one of the titular tritagonists of Avengers: Infinity War and a major character of Avengers: Endgame.

Black Panther was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. Chadwick Boseman portrayed the character in the Phase Three films of Marvel Cinematic Universe, with his role as the voice of T'Challa in the first season of What If...? being his last role before his death.



T'Challa is a very responsible person because, after the death of his father, he felt responsible for the death of his father for not helping him. With his comrades, T'Challa believes in keeping his eyes on his teammates but this does not mean that he does not trust them.

Powers and Abilities[]


  • Heart-Shaped Herb Enhancement: After having consumed the Heart-Shaped Herb, T'Challa's physical attributes have been significantly enhanced to levels comparable to a super-soldier. Unlike the Super Soldier Serum, the effects can be removed by drinking a serum that negates the powers of the herbs for ritualistic combat for a fair fight to become King of Wakanda.
    • Enhanced Strength: Black Panther's strength is on par with Captain America and Bucky Barnes'.
    • Enhanced Speed: Black Panther's speed is on par with Captain America and Bucky Barnes'.
    • Enhanced Agility: Black Panther has cat-like agility.
    • Enhanced Durability: Black Panther could easily land from several stories unfazed, as both Captain America and Bucky Barnes could do; without his suit, T'Challa was barely injured by the explosion at the United Nations at point-blank range, even as he lunged towards where the explosion came from and his father was killed by it.
    • Enhanced Stamina: T'Challa's musculature produces fewer fatigue toxins during physical activity than the musculature of an ordinary human and his body eliminates the excessive build-up of fatigue-producing chemicals in his muscles. This allows him to exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before tiring or slowing down, granting him exceptional endurance and lung capacity greater than normal humans. He was able to intensely pursue the Winter Soldier on foot without any signs of fatigue and fight against Erik Killmonger for an extended period of time without tiring.
    • Enhanced Reflexes: The Heart-Shaped Herb enhanced T'Challa's reflexes to be superior to those of the finest athlete, allowing him to effectively process the world at an accelerated rate to more efficiently find solutions using his sense and strategies. His reflexes were sharp enough to catch Hawkeye's arrows out of the air with his bare hands, cover a grenade using his body the moment he saw it, and catch a spear in mid-air. His reflexes also allow him to respond quickly to fast-paced combat, as he was able to keep up with the likes of Captain America and the Winter Soldier.
    • Regenerative Healing Factor: T'Challa's fast healing capabilities allows for him to have a conditioned metabolism that enables an extraordinarily efficient recovery. After being stripped away from the powers of the herb, T'Challa suffered blunt force, cuts, and bruises due to fighting for the Black Panther monarchy. Afterward, having being restored the powers of the herb, T'Challa recovered from many of the damages he endured and was healed in a matter of hours. This even enables him to fully recover from being on the brink of death in mere hours.
    • Superhuman Durability: While wearing the Habit, T'Challa's durability is increased to superhuman levels thanks to its vibranium composition, which allows him to withstand bullets and explosions while being completely unfazed. During the Battle of Mount Bashenga, T'Challa was able to withstand being struck by a charging rhino and being hit by a Wakandan train while battling Killmonger.
    • Kinetic Energy Pulses: The habit can store kinetic energy, which T'Challa can then release in a pulse of purple energy.
    • Physical Augmentation: The kinetic energy stored within the habit can also be used to add more force behind T'Challa's blows, allowing him to increase the strength of his punches and kicks.


  • Genius-Level Intellect: To be added
  • Master Tactician: Black Panther is a highly skilled tactician.
  • Master Martial Artist: Black Panther is highly skilled in hand-to-hand combat and martial arts.
  • Sword Mastery: To be added
  • Master Acrobat: Even without his suit, Black Panther is a master gymnast and acrobat, capable of feats such as parkour and free running.
  • Multilingualism: Black Panther is capable of fluently speaking English and Xhosa.
  • Pilot: To be added
  • Stealth Mastery: To be added


The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes[]

T'Challa witnesses his father's fight against M'Baku, where Klaw intervenes with a sonic attack that gives M'Baku the upper hand to kill T'Chaka. T'Challa dons the Black Panther garb and travels to the United States.

In "Some Assembly Required", Black Panther comes to the USA as a stowaway on a cargo ship.

In "Living Legend", when the Avengers were looking for Hulk, Black Panther infiltrates Avengers Mansion to learn the skills of heroes. Later, Black Panther saves Captain America from Baron Zemo.

In "Panther's Quest", while the Avengers try to find out who saved Captain America from Baron Zemo, suddenly the mysterious savior infiltrates in the Avengers Mansion. Panther fight against the Avengers but it was only to learn their skills, T'Challa asks the Avengers to help him to liberate Wakanda from Man Ape. Later, Black Panther challenges the Man Ape but this one refuses and sends to capture him. When Man-Ape sends two female bodyguards against Black Panther, Captain America fights the bodyguards to allow Black Panther to face M'Baku. After M'Baku is defeated, Black Panther leaves the rule of Wakanda to a ruling council as he joins the Avengers.

In "Gamma World, Part I", Black Panther and his teammates chased Hawkeye, whom they believed was an agent of HYDRA, suddenly SHIELD's agents came to seek help from the Avengers. Quatermain tells the Avengers the situation, then Black Panther and his companions enter the "Gamma World". After facing SHIELD's agents exposed to gamma radiation, Black Panther realizes that could be a trap of the Leader. When Iron Man was attacked by the Gamma villains Black Panther runs to destroy the generator.

In "Gamma World, Part II", when the Leader releases gamma radiation over most of America, Black Panther, Avengers, and others are transformed into gamma monsters. T'Challa back to normal with the help of Hawkeye and Hulk.

In "Masters of Evil", when the Masters of Evil took the Avengers Mansion, he and Hawkeye devised a plan to defeat the villains and save his friends. After being defeated by Wonder Man and Crimson Dynamo, he informs Zemo that it was just part of his plan to allow the entry of Ant-Man to his lab. Having defeated the Masters of Evil, Black Panther suggests Hawkeye that he could be a good leader.

In "Widow's Sting", Black Panther and Captain America offer their help to Hakweye to arrest Black Widow and dismantle HYDRA. When they lose the signal tracker Hawkeye p him Grim Reaper, he and Rogers inform Iron Man about what happened. Later he and Captain America helped Hawkeye to defeat the troops of HYDRA.

In "The Man who Stole Tomorrow", he along his comrades fought against Kang, he also was present when Kang took them to the future. When Hulk distracts Kang, he uses it to attack him with his Vibranium Claws. Eventually, he and his teammates return to his time.

In "Come the Conqueror", when the Earth was attacked by the Kang's troopas, he and his teammates fight to prevent Kang from conquering the 21st Century. Fury informs the Avengers that Kang is not only attacking New York but also they are attacking around the world, when T'Challa see that they are attacking Wakanda Cap tells him to go to protect his people, he thanked his comrades and goes to save Wakanda.

In "The Casket of Ancient Winters", T'Challa, Thor, and Iron Man defeated the Radioactive Man when he attacked the Stark Tower. After defeating the Radioactive Man, Thor warns his colleagues about the presence of dark magic on Earth. While Thor and Iron Man were arguing about magic vs. technology, Black Panther found the Casket in Norway. Later, he and his companions faced Malekith, who is defeated after many problems. However, the Casket was stolen by Amora. When Thor tries to follow her into Asgard, the asgardian discovers that the portal is locked out.

In "Ultron-5", He along with Hulk defeated and arrested the Red Ghost and his Super-Apes who wanted to attack the Fantastic Four. After Ultron becomes corrupt, Black Panther along with Thor and Hawkeye fought against Ultron, but they were defeated easily by the robot.

In "The Ultron Imperative", when Ultron took control of the Iron Man armors, he along with Wasp and Hawkeye had to face the armors. Hawkeye told Wasp to go with Iron Man and Hulk to fight Ultron while he and Black Panther would take care of the rest. Suddenly the four armor get back up and fully recovery, then Hawkeye apologizes to Black Panther. Later, they were saved by Thor, who returned to Earth.

In "This Hostage Earth", As the Avengers were divided to find the norn stones. When he finds a Norne stone, he discovers that Wonder Man was watching it. While they were fighting, they were transported to the world of the Dark Elves. Black Panther asks Wonder Man if he agreed with Zemo's acts, Williams not respond and flees. Then simultaneously the Avengers destroy the seven Norne stones.

In "A Day Unlike Any Other", when Loki's army was heading to Earth, Wasp, Black Panther, Ant Man, Hawkeye, and Hulk appeared to face them. With the help of Sif and the Warriors Three, the Avengers managed to defeat them, and avoid the conquest of Earth. Later, they faced Loki but end up being easily defeated because Loki had absorbed the powers of Odin. However, after a hard battle the Avengers manage to defeat Loki. After the battle, Odin thanked the Avengers to have helped Asgard.

In "The Private War of Doctor Doom", while he, Hulk, Hawkeye, the Thing, and the Human Torch playing cards were attacked by Doombots. Black Panther suspected it was just a distraction from Doom. He later with his teammates and the Fantastic Four traveled to Latveria for the purpose of freeing Wasp and Invisible Woman. When Wasp going to attack Doom he stops her saying that they had got what they wanted.

In "Alone Against AIM", he along Captain America (Skrull) went to Stark Industries to search the Iron Man armor to take them to the Avengers Mansion. There, they found Colonel James Rhodes, who talked with them. Suddenly, they were attacked by AIM Scientists. Captain America (Skrull) asks Rhodes put his armor since they were outnumbered. Finally, he along War Machine and Captain America (Skrull) defeated the AIM agents.

In "Acts of Vengeance", he along with Captain America (Skrull), Hulk, and Hawkeye found Living Laser in its light form. He wonders who could have done that. Later, when Zemo went to the Avengers Mansion to seek help from the Avengers. He asks Zemo if someone was attacking to Masters of Evil, Zemo replied that this someone is Amora. Panther later talks to Wonder Man, he tells him that he should not be afraid of Zemo. After the defeat of Zemo and the Masters of Evil, he wonders if this was the end of the Enchantress.

In "Welcome to the Kree Empire", Black Panther does not appear in this episode but is mentioned by Iron Man who says that he and Hawkeye were investigating the Serpent Society.

In the episode "Michael Korvac", while Jane Foster made some tests to Korvac, Black Panther wondered how an ordinary man as Korvac escaped from the alien. Then, Black Panther and Hawkeye will investigate a mysterious crater in the park. When the Guardians of the Galaxy arrived, Black Panther fought against Adam Warlock. While fighting, Black Panther realized that the source of the Warlock's power was a gem on his forehead. He was present when the true personality of Korvac was revealed, then Adam Warlock absorbs all in the Soul Gem to protect them from Michael Korvac.

In "Who Do You Trust", while his other companions were eating pizza, he and hulk remained in the mansion to watch her. After Iron Man reveals the existence of the Skrulls, he decides to return to Wakanda knowing he could not trust anyone. Already in Wakanda, T'Challa orders his guards to prepare for an invasion.

In "Infiltration", he led the forces of Wakanda when extraterrestrial beings called Skrull wants attack to his people. After defeating the Skrulls, Wasp and Hawkeye will seek help from, but he refuses because his duty is to protect Wakanda.

After the Skrull infiltration creates mistrust among the Avengers, Black Panther quits the team and returns to Wakanda. He returns after Vision's attack to Wakanda. In the episode "Yellojacket", After the mysterious death of Hank Pym, Black Panther was present when a tribute to Ant-Man was performed. When a mysterious supervillain attacked the Serpent Society, Black Panther takes the responsibility to find out who was that guy. He was present when Wasp unmasked Yellowjacket. A confused Hank teleported him and the Avengers to its micro-prison. Later, Black Panther let Hank to use his ID card and Iron Man's Arc Reactor to get them out.

In "Avengers Assemble!", He helped Hulk, Winter Soldier, Scott Lang, and Invisible Woman to fight against Firelord, one of the Galactus' Heralds. With Galactus defeated, Black Panther was present along with the heroes when they were hailed as Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

In "Code Red", after a strange toxin was released in New York City, Black Panther and Iron Man were left in charge of finding a cure for his teammates. Eventually, T'Challa also a victim of this toxin; however he is cured later by Iron Man.

In "New Avengers", Black Panther was present when Kang manages to escape from his cell. He and his comrades went to Stark Industries to try to stop Kang; however they were erased from the timeline by Kang. Eventually, the Avengers return to their timeline after Spider-Man stop the time machine of Kang.

In "Operation Galactic Storm", T'Challa and his teammates went into space to stop the Kree. Suddenly, they were attacked by Kree Operatives who were sent to free Ronan. However, Yellow Jacket and Agent Brand distract kree Operatives so that the other Avengers can head into space to face the real Kree threat. On the Falchion One, Black Panther uses the Falcion's teleporter to teleport the Sentry outside into the sun, where its destroyed. Later, he puts the tractor beam into operation while the other Avengers board the quinjet. A sudden explosion left Panther trapped. Cap unwilling to leave; T'Challa says that he does know what his father did - protect Wakanda, but he is proud to do so as an Avenger.

In "Live Kree Or Die", when his ship was about to crash into the sun, he managed to teleport to a Kree ship that was on the other side of the wormhole. He later saved Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, and Vision of a Kree monster. They then went to save Wasp, Ms. Marvel, and Captain America, who were under experimentation. T'Challa with the other Avengers return to earth after defeating the Supreme Intelligence.

In "Avengers Assemble!", Black Panther was present when Terrax, a herald of Galactus, came to Earth. Terrax informed him and the other Avengers that Galactus was coming to devour the planet. Seeing that it was not a mere threat, Captain America called all the heroes of Earth to help to save the planet. Black Panther teamed up with Hulk, Invisible Woman, Ant-Man, and Winter Soldier to face Firelord, a herald of Galactus. During the battle, Invisible Woman caught Firelord in an energy field, he told her resist. Firelord manages to escape from the energy field, as the herald was weak, T'Challa ordered Hulk to attack. Hulk clapped his hands causing a blizzard and beating Firelord. Later, he and his comrades were hailed by the people of New York.

Avengers: Ultron Revolution[]

In the episode "Panther's Rage", T'Challa was first seen speaking before an assembly about Wakanda when Crossbones attacks in order to take out T'Challa. After becoming Black Panther and helping Captain America to take out Crossbones, T'Challa makes off with Captain America's shield claiming that it was stolen property. This leads Captain America to bring Iron Man, Hawkeye, and Thor to Wakanda in order to reclaim it. During the confrontation, Black Panther claims that Howard Stark stole Vibranium in order to make Captain America's shield. To make matters worse, a reassembled Ulysses Klaue appears where he makes off with Captain America's shield upon using a sound attack on the group. Both sides work to find Ulysses Klaw as Captain America states to Black Panther that T'Chaka gave the Vibranium for Howard Stark to make into Captain America's shield. Tracking him to a hideout in the Himalayas, the Avengers and Black Panther engage Ulysses Klaw in an armor made out of Vibranium. With a special tactic, the Avengers and Black Panther were able to knock Ulysses Klaue out of the armor as Black Panther plans to make Ulysses Klaw answer for his crimes. With Ulysses Klaw's Vibranium armor in Wakandan custody, Black Panther changes his opinion of the Avengers and is offered reserve membership into the group.

Marvel Cinematic Universe[]

Captain America: Civil War[]

In my culture death is not the end. It's more of a... stepping-off point. You reach out with both hands and Bast and Sekhmet, they lead you into the green veldt where... you can run forever.
―T'Challa to Natasha after the death of his father
File:Captain America Civil War 186.jpg

After the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron, T'Challa, and his father T'Chaka, came to Austria to participate in the conference being held in Vienna, regarding the Sokovia Accords, in response to Ultron having bought stolen Vibranium from Ulysses Klaue, and using it to create a weapon that destroyed Sokovia, and due to a disaster caused by Crossbones, which resulted in the destruction of a building housing many Wakandan humanitarian workers, killing them.

While he is making a speech about Wakanda's signing of the Accords, the building where the conference was being held is attacked by another bombing, this time by Helmut Zemo, who framed Bucky Barnes as the culprit. The explosion killed T'Chaka, which devastated T'Challa. With his father's death, T'Challa had succeeded his father as king of Wakanda, as well as the mantle of the Black Panther, an avatar of their deity. Wanting vengeance for T'Chaka's demise, T'Challa vows to kill Bucky. He dons the Black Panther suit, and ambushes Barnes, who SWAT teams had found and driven out. Black Panther fights Bucky across on a rooftop and under a highway tunnel while being pursued by Captain America and the Falcon. When they are confronted by the SWAT team and War Machine, T'Challa unmasks and reveals himself.

At the facility where Bucky is imprisoned while the Sokovia Accords are debated, Bucky is brainwashed by Helmut Zemo and goes on a rampage through the facility. T'Challa tries to stop him, but fails.

File:Captain America Civil War 101.png

T'Challa is recruited into Iron Man's side along with other heroes such as Black Widow, War Machine, Vision, and Spider-Man. At the battle of the Avengers at the Leipzig/Halle Airport, Black Panther primarily takes on Captain America, Winter Soldier, and Hawkeye. Winter Soldier tries to tell T'Challa that he wasn't responsible for T'Chaka's death, but he doesn't believe it as Bucky still tried to run from it. Black Panther tries to pursue Captain America and Winter Soldier escaping in a jet, but is stopped by Black Widow, who has changed sides. According to Tony, T'Challa informed Secretary Ross of Widow's action. When Iron Man discovers Captain America's location, Black Panther follows him to the Siberian Hydra base, where he discovers from an exchange between Helmut Zemo and Captain America that Zemo framed Bucky for the bombing. After Zemo reveals that the Winter Soldier killed Iron Man's parents, T'Challa follows Zemo outside as Iron Man fights Captain America and Winter Soldier.

T'Challa confronts his father's true killer, questioning Zemo if breaking the Avengers' fellowship satisfied him. Seeing how vengeance over the death of family had consumed Zemo and Tony, T'Challa decides not to kill Zemo, preventing him from taking his own life so he could live to answer for his crimes. After turning Zemo in, T'Challa grants asylum to Bucky and Captain America in Wakanda and allows Bucky to be cryogenically frozen while his team tries to find a cure for Bucky from Hydra's brainwashing program.

Black Panther[]

In Wakanda, T'Challa undergoes the rites to formally be declared king. As is tradition, he ingests a modified extract of the plant that gives him his enhanced abilities, which strips them away and accepts all challenges before the tribal elders. Chief M'Baku, an isolationist tribe chief is the only one who challenges the claim to Black Panther. T'Challa beats M'Baku and spares his life, convincing him to yield so he need not kill him and rob his tribe of their leader. M'Baku releases his claim and retreats to the mountains. With no further opposition, T'Challa becomes the Black Panther and undergoes the rites to visit his father's spirit.

Ulysses Klaue a smuggler who has been illegally exporting Vibranium from Wakanda and selling it around the world. While the U.S. government has been the one largely to hunt down and round up the Vibranium, T'Challa aims to stop the problem at its source by finding Klaue himself and bringing him in for his crimes, or killing him if need be. Klaue's partner, Erik "Killmonger" Stevens proves to be an exiled Wakandan-American. Killmonger turns out to be T'Challa's cousin, with his father, N'Jobu, having been killed by the late King T'Chaka for exporting Vibranium for weapon use. N'Jobu intentionally sold Vibranium while undercover in the U.S. an witnessing a still marginalized African population. N'Jobu was willing to undermine Wakanda's control of the Vibranium supply in order to arm revolutionaries. After Klaue is dealt with, dealing with Killmonger becomes a priority, since, as the son of a Wakandan prince, Killmonger has the right to challenge T'Challa for the throne. T'Challa accepts his cousin's challenge.

The two arrived at Warrior Falls in accordance with tradition. After T'Challa was stripped of the Heart-Shaped Herb, he found Erik Killmonger's military training and experience made him a worthy opponent. While T'Challa had the upper hand at first, Killmonger capitalized on T'Challa's mercy and indecision to ultimately defeat and badly wounded him, cutting his thigh and stomach. Before Killmonger could deliver the final blow, Zuri intervened, claiming that he was truly responsible for his father's death and that he should take his life instead, to which Killmonger happily obliged. Distraught at Zuri's untimely death, T'Challa lunged at Killmonger once more but to no avail. Killmonger decided to finish off the king by throwing him over the falls and declared himself the new king, to everyone's displeasure.

The Jabari Tribe had found T'Challa in the freezing rivers where they fish and brought him back to their domain. M'Baku decided to save his life as repayment for his mercy at the falls earlier and showed his comatose state to Nakia, Ramonda, Shuri, and Everett Ross, having escaped while Killmonger consolidated his power. With T'Challa comatose and stabilized only by the surrounding snow, Ramonda remembered to use the one heart-shaped herb they stole to bring him back. Awaking in the spiritual plane again, he was greeted by T'Chaka and invited to join him and the rest of his ancestors. Instead, T'Challa was furious at his father for killing his uncle and leaving his cousin orphaned, and angered by the other Black Panthers for how their strict isolationism has led to suffering around the world. T'Challa declared his work wasn't done yet and woke to the relief of his loved ones. T'Challa thanked M'Baku for saving his life and requested that he and the rest of the Jabari help overthrow Killmonger. M'Baku declined, as he had already repaid his debt to T'Challa. The group left the tribe, with Shuri giving T'Challa his Panther Habit for the coming battle.

As Erik Killmonger's agents prepared to deliver vibranium weapons to War Dog operatives around the world, one of the aircrafts exploded and crashed, with T'Challa emerging from the wreckage. T'Challa then challenged Killmonger, stating that the Ritual Combat wasn't over since he neither yielded nor died. Killmonger ordered W'Kabi and the Border Tribe to attack T'Challa. Okoye and the Dora Milaje moved to counter, and the Battle for Wakanda began.

During the fight, T'Challa fought against W'Kabi and his soldiers and brought down W'Kabi's war rhinos. As Killmonger, wearing the other Panther Habit, defeated Okoye and three of the Dora Milaje, he turned his attention to Shuri. When T'Challa saw this, he charged at Killmonger, and tackled him, causing both to fall into the vibranium mine.

In the mine, Killmonger and T'Challa fought on the tracks of one of the vibranium transport trains. T'Challa asked Shuri to activate the train, knowing it would activate the Sonic Stabilizers, rendering his, and Killmonger's suits useless from time-to-time. After an extended fight, T'Challa was able to fatally stab Killmonger in the abdomen with Killmonger's short spear.

Killmonger, knowing the fight was over, told T'Challa about his father, and how he told Killmonger that Wakanda was the most beautiful place in the world to see a sunset. After this, T'Challa helped bring Killmonger to the top of the mine to watch the sunset. While there, T'Challa offered to heal Killmonger, but Killmonger refused, saying that he would rather die a free man than be imprisoned for the rest of his life. With this, Killmonger pulled the spear out of his body, bleeding to death.

Periodically after reclaiming Wakanda, T'Challa gave a speech at the United Nations in Vienna, officially ending Wakanda's isolation and proclaiming all of Earth as one tribe. Few days before, T'Challa decide to buy N'Jobu's old apartment complex and convert it into an embassy to be run by Nakia and Shuri.

Avengers: Infinity War[]

Engage all defenses. And get this man a shield.

T'Challa returns in this film. While his sister Shuri helped Scarlet Witch protect Vision, T'Challa mobilized both his Wakandian troops (led by the Dora Milaje), and the Jabari troops (led by M'Baku) to help the Avengers in battle against the Outriders, fighting side by side with the Avengers.

After Thanos completes the Infinity Gauntlet and snaps his fingers, T'Challa is one of the many erased from existence.

Avengers: Endgame[]

T'Challa is resurrected when Hulk/Bruce Banner uses the Infinity Gauntlet to undo the snap and bring everyone back to life. T'Challa then joins the other heroes in their second fight against Thanos and his army of Chitauri, Outriders and the Black Order. During the battle, T'Challa saved Hawkeye, who had the Nano Gauntlet, from a group of Chitauri and asked him to pass the gauntlet to him, so he could get it to the Quantum Tunnel and have the Infinity Stones returned to their rightful moments in time. T'Challa managed to run fast among the battlefield with the gauntlet, but not before being attacked by Thanos. While Scarlet Witch fought off Thanos, Ebony Maw tried to take the gauntlet from T'Challa with his telekinesis. Spider-Man swung by and T'Challa passed the gauntlet to him.

The battle soon ended when Tony Stark sacrificed his life to decimate Thanos and his army by snapping his fingers with his own Gauntlet. Everyone such as T'Challa, except a time-displaced Gamora (who left the scene immediately) began kneel and mourn of Stark's death. In the aftermath, T'Challa attended Stark's funeral with his sister and Okoye before returning home to Wakanda where he reunited with his mother and watched his nation celebrate their loved ones' return while resuming his duties as King of Wakanda.

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever[]

Chadwick Boseman was to reprise his role as T'Challa in the second standalone film, however, Boseman passed away on August 28, 2020, before production had even begun. Although it was first unknown who would take over the role of T'Challa following Boseman's death, it was later revealed that the role of Black Panther would not be recast.

What If...?[]

T'Challa is seen in the episode What If... T'Challa Became a Star-Lord?, set in an alternate universe. In 1988, his father T'Chaka refused to let his son explore the world beyond Wakanda, claiming that only "destruction and pain" is occurring outside. One night, while T'Challa was exploring beyond Wakanda's borders, he gets abducted by Yondu's subordinates by mistake. Despite this, T'Challa was actually rather excited about getting to experience a new environment outside of Wakanda, something which impressed Yondu enough for him to offer to show T'Challa the universe. For that, he was trained by Yondu to become a Ravager. Unlike their counterparts from the original timeline, they became Robin Hood like-heroes, beloved and admired by many.

In this universe, not only was T'Challa able to stop a Kree invasion (hence saving Drax's family), but was also able to convince Thanos to change his ways and join the Ravagers as a force for good. T'Challa did begin to feel homesick and asked to visit Wakanda, but Yondu told him that Wakanda had been destroyed by war.

Like the original Star-Lord, this one also takes the Power Stone from Morag, while even recruiting Korath in the process. However, rather than trying to sell it to the highest bidder as in the Sacred Timeline, T'Challa intends on using it to save an entire solar system from extinction by jumpstarting its dying star, saying that "No treasure is worth more than the good that can be done with it".

When pulling a heist with Nebula in the Collector's museum, T'Challa finds a Wakandan ship and realizes that Yondu had lied about Wakanda's fate. He confronts Yondu on this, before being taken to see the Collector. His words are able to inspire Carina, an assistant of the Collector, to rescue him. Together, he and Yondu are able to subdue the Collector and leave him at the mercy of all the angry "exhibits" in his collection. T'Challa & Yondu escape the collection on the Wakandan ship. T'Challa admits upon learning the truth that he is not sure where he truly belongs, but Yondu assures him that there is nowhere in the galaxy where he doesn't belong. T'Challa returns to Wakanda, reuniting with his family and introduces them to the family he's made with the Ravagers. When T'Chaka asks how T'Challa came to find himself on Yondu's ship, T'Challa covers by saying he was lost and that Yondu found him.

T'Challa reappears in What If... Zombies!? as the victim of the zombie outbreak created from the Quantum Virus, before he was found by Vision and was brought to Camp Lehigh, New Jersey. He was then found by Bucky Barnes, who learns that Vision was using T'Challa to feed a zombified Wanda, as evident with T'Challa missing a leg. Ultimately, T'Challa, Spider-Man, The Head of Scott Lang and Doctor Strange's Cape of Levitation are the only ones to escape Camp Lehigh, with the Mind Stone given to them by Vision. T'Challa assures Peter that in his culture death is not the end, and that the people they love are still with them as long as they are remembered. The group make their way to Wakanda, unaware it's already overrun by zombies, including a Zombie Thanos!

In What If... Killmonger Rescued Tony Stark?, T'Challa interrupts the deal between Killmonger, Rhodey, and Ulysses Klaue. He spares Rhodey, stating his conflict is not with America, but Killmonger jumps T'Challa and murders him before using T'Challa's glove to also murder Rhodey, with the intention of sparking a war between Wakanda & America. Later, when Killmonger is given the heart-shaped herb, T'Challa's spirit confronts Killmonger on the astral plane, telling him that his actions are only going to cause more suffering, and how Killmonger's grabs for power are ultimately going to come back to bite him.

In What If... The Watcher Broke His Oath?, we catch up with Star-Lord T'Challa as he rescues Peter Quill from Ego. It is then that the Watcher shows up to declare he has been chosen to be a Guardian of the Multiverse. During the confrontation with Ultron, T'Challa is able to use sticky fingers in order to grab the Soul Stone from Ultron's armor. After Ultron is defeated, Killmonger attempts to take the Infinity Stones for himself. T'Challa tries to talk him down, but Killmonger dismisses their family connection and tries using the stones against the other Guardians. After Killmonger & Arnim Zola (in Ultron's body) are imprisoned in a Pocket Dimension by Strange Supreme, Star-Lord T'Challa returns to his universe, where it is shown he has taken Peter Quill under his wing.

Other appearances[]

Marvel vs. Capcom series[]

Black Panther briefly appeared in Storm's ending of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 sub-series. He is also part of Heroes vs. Heralds mode card boost selection in its Ultimate update.

Black Panther appears as a non-playable character in the story mode of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite. In this game, due to the convergence of the Marvel and Capcom universes, his kingdom of Wakanda is merged with Val Habar, a playable location from Capcom's Monster Hunter franchise, to form Valkanda, a playable stage in the game; Black Panther remains as the king of the merged nation, gaining a loyal female Monster Hunter as his ally, and the only non-super villain who have an Infinity Stone, the Time Stone. Both Black Panther and Monster Hunter later became playable characters in arcade mode as downloadable content.

Disney Parks[]

Black Panther had his first meet-and-greet at Disney California Adventure on February 16, 2018. He can be found in the park's Hollywood Land area with the Dora Milaje. He can also be met at Hong Kong Disneyland in Adventureland.


Disney Fanon Wiki has a collection of images and media related to Black Panther.


  • Black Panther was the first superhero of African descent to ever be featured in mainstream American comics and is considered a pop culture and comic book icon.
  • A film centering on Black Panther has been in development since, at least, the early 1990s with Wesley Snipes eyed for the title role at the time. The character finally got his first live-action appearance in the 2016 Marvel Studios film, Captain America: Civil War; 50 years after his comics debut in 1966.
  • Black Panther was Chadwick Boseman's only Disney role.
  • T'Challa's actor Chadwick Boseman passed away on August 28 2020, before he could reprise his role for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. It was later revealed that no one will take on the role, but the film will honour Boseman.[1]
  • According to What If...? director Bryan Andrews, there were plans for a T'Challa Star-Lord spinoff series following the first season of What If...?. Unfortunately, Chadwick Boseman passed away before this series could become a reality.
  • Chadwick Boseman voiced T'Challa in the animated show, What If...?, which was the final project the actor worked on as the Black Panther.
  • The chaarcter is mentioned in the 2020 film Holidate and a character dreesses up the Marvel hero for Halloween, whilst saying his battle cry "Wakanda forever".


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