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Disney: Battle to Rescue is a disney crossover video game 


Oh No! The disney villains have kidnapped Mickey Donald and Goofy for revenge for stealing back the house of mouse ! But there's still hope! The Junior Trio: BrandiPawsMaxRachelPooh, and Merida are traveling to place to place, whatever they can do to save Mickey, Donald, and Goofy! But There one problem.........the Junior Disney Villains keep traveling to different worlds and kidnapping innocent people! Can both groups be stopped?  


Cutscence One: At the house of mouse, 


Playable Characters[]

Hero Voiced by
Brandi Civine Jeanette Brox
Max Goof Jason Marsden
Winnie the Pooh Jim Cummings
Merida Kelly Macdonald
Wreck-it Rachel Ariana Grande
Unlockable characters[]
Hero Voiced by
Paws Crumpster Justin Bruening
Piglet Travis Oates
Sofia the first Ariel Winter
Gingereena Lisa Ortiz
Nerita tba
Princess Amber Darcy Rose Byrnes