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Bash is a main character in the Weird World franchise. He is voiced by Reloaxa, Weird World's creator.


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  • In the episode The Water Wand, he was nearly killed after The Water Wand zapped him, causing him to fly away, get hit by baseball bat, hit a market stall and get crushed by fruit. He was left with scars and a badly injured leg.
  • The star on his headband is actually a peridot in the shape of a star.
    • He isn't a gem though, since the gem isn't attached to him.
      • His birthstone is a peridot since his birthday is in August. More specifically, August 8th.
  • Bash is completely blind in his left eye.
    • The episode Josie and Bash reveals he lost it after being shot with an airgun.
    • This is possibly why, until unlocking his true potential, his vocabulary consisted almost entirely on saying "Hello, I'm Bash!" and laughing twice.
  • His ultimate power is Electro Ghosts, which he first performed in the episode of the same name.
  • His accent is Austrian with a slight touch of British.