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Augustus and his cigarette metaphor

Augustus Waters is the deuteragonist in Disney's remake of The Fault in Our Stars

Voice: Ryan Potter

Portrayed by: William Peltz

inspiration: Augustus Waters from John Green's novel, The Fault in Our Stars

Alignment: good 

Appearance: white dress shirt, black vest and tie, black spiky hair, fair light skin, skinny jeans, brown eyes, gray shoes, one leg

Occupation: Hazel's boyfriend, cancer patient, support group member 

Personality: loving, caring, protective, fearful

Likes: reading, Hazel, champagne, his best friend Isaac, throwing eggs, poetry

Dislikes: Peter Van Houten, the pain of his book ending in the middle of a sentence, Isaac in grief of Monica, his fear of oblivion

Other names: 

Gus (by Hazel and her mother)

Babe (also by Hazel)

Cocky son of a bitch (by Isaac)

Mr. Waters (by a waitress in Amsterdam)


"I love you too.."

"Is this some kind of joke!?"

"I'll write you a sequel."

"What's your story?"

"Now I'm part cyborg which is pretty cool."

Goal: to be remembered after death

Fate: dies of osteosarcoma but remembered by Hazel and his family


  • Makes a cameo as one of Handsy's fans crowd surfing in Big Hero 6.2
  • His favorite book is "Counter Insurgents"
  • Hazel dies a year after him as is happy to be with her again