Beauty is one thing, but it's smarts that's gonna get you into college!
―Athena talking to Aphrodite

Athena is one of the main deuteragonists in The Goddesses of Sr. High. She is Zeus's daughter, straight A student, and one of Ophelia's friends.



Athena is very studious and intelligent. She enjoys solving problems and studying for tests that are weeks away. She likes to prepare for herself for the unexpected so she doesn't miss a thing. Like Ophelia, she is slightly introverted, and usually has her nose in a book she's reading. Her smarts often butt heads with Poseidon's cockiness, causing them to have a friendly quarrel with each other.

Athena is one of the wiser students at Olympus Prep, and knows what to do in situations. Her cleverness often comes in handy when dealing with a difficult situation.

Despite her high intelligence, Athena is genuinely caring and loyal to her friends, and would never hurt them in anyway or say anything that would hurt them.

Unlike most girls, Athena doesn't really care about how she looks, and prefers no makeup.

Physical Appearance

Athena is a slender teenager with a fair complexion, curly brown hair in a ponytail, grey eyes, and glasses.

Like most of the characters in the series, her outfit varies, but it is usually studious and sometimes owl themed.


  • Intelligence: Athena is the most brainiest girl at Olympus Prep, often acing her homework or quizzes she often spends days preparing for.
  • Inventing: Athena often likes to invent things to help the citizens of Mythologia.

Role in the Series

In My New Olympus Life, Athena is first seen nose in a book in Mythologia History class, where she meets Ophelia for the first time. She explains the origins behind Mr. Cyclops name and who students call him that, then introduces herself afterwards.



  • Athena's owl attire symbolizes her intelligence, as it is also a symbol her mythology counterpart uses.
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