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{{Character |personality = Vengeful, destructive, simplistic |appearance = Muscular and husky, red skin and whitish red hair
Muscular, slightly tanned skin, brown hair and goatee, dressed in red and black armor (Myths and Legends) |occupation = God of War
Prince of the Gods |alignment = Neutral |goal = To destroy and beat his sister Athena, and oversee war |home = Mount Olympus |family = Athena (twin sister) |enemies = Titans, Athena (occasionally) |likes = Wars |powers = Immortality and the standard powers and abilities of an Olympian deity |weapons = Many, including his sword and special stealth armors |image = Ares mars by 666 lucemon 666-d6ca1au.jpg |films = Hercules |shows = Hercules: The Animated States
Disney's Animated Myths and Legends |inspiration = The Greek god of War
Mongul |friends = The Olympian Gods |fate = Continues his life on Mt. Olympus |voice = [[Jay Thomas] (Hercules)
Jeff Bennett (Myths and Legends) |pets = Brutacles and Sadisto (dogs) |minions = Fear and Terror}}Ares is the Olympian God of war and the founder of Sparta. He and his sister have been enemies for centuries. and he has done everything to try and destroy her precious city of Athens. He was voiced by Jay Thomas.


Powers and Abilities[]

  • The standard powers of an Olympian deity including sudden disappearance into underground with a small explosion.
  • A skilled war strategist.
  • The ability to conjure red or yellow energy blast being shot either from his bare hands or sword.
  • As a god of war, Ares has authority over war.



In the film, he has a very minor role, in which he only appears in minor cameos.

In the beginning of the film, he is present for the party celebrating the arrival of Zeus and Hera's newborn child Hercules. Ares, along with the other Gods, was sent to find Hercules, but it was too late as the baby had already been turned into a mortal and was adopted by a mortal family. Eighteen years later, he is seen imprisoned with the other Gods after they lost against Hades and the Titans. Luckily he and the other Gods are freed by Hercules.

Hercules: The Animated Series[]

In the animated series, he makes numerous appearances and acts as the force behind the plot in quite a few episodes.

Hercules and the Secret Weapon[]

The rivalry between him and his sister Athena is introduced. Ares goes to Hephaestus to forge a weapon that would be powerful enough to destroy Athens. When Hercules goes to Sparta to steal the secret weapon for Athena, Ares recruits Hercules into the Spartan army, only to later capture and have him executed along with his friends after Icarus inadvertently blows Hercules' cover. When Athena arrives to claim the weapon that her minion (Hercules) stole, Ares and Athena get into a fight until Hercules breaks the fight and throws the Armageddon Bow; landing in the hands of Cupid, the god of Passion. Once Athena mentions the name "Hercules" after congratulating him on his decision, Ares finally realizes he was going to execute the son of Zeus and then gets struck with a lightning bolt by Zeus himself after Athena happily leaves.

Hercules and the Assassin[]

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Disney's Animated Myths and Legends[]

Ares appears a number of times in the series. Here, his personality is toned down from vengeful and warlike, but he can be somewhat belligerent.