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Apollo is one of the main characters in The Goddesses of Sr. High. He is Artemis's twin brother, the lead singer of his band The Immortals, and Ophelia's crush.



Apollo is very friendly and calm. He doesn't get angry much, unless pressured enough. He has a close relationship with Artemis, caring for her and her emotions, even though he gets annoyed when she tries to overprotect him.

Despite being one of the most popular boys, he gets nervous around girls, especially when they try to flirt with him. However, he's not nervous around Ophelia, even though she has a crush on him.

Apollo is also very talented. His talent in music and prophecy is one of the causes of his popularity. He is also very intelligent, and is skilled at solving riddles.

Physical Appearance

Apollo is a slender teen with olive brown skin, side swept black hair under a dark blue beanie, and midnight blue eyes.

Like most of the characters in the series, his outfit varies.


  • Archery: Like Artemis, Apollo is skilled at archery.
  • Intelligence: Apollo is shown to be good at solving different types of riddles, and getting good grades in school.
  • Music: Apollo is the lead singer of his band The Immortals.

Role in the Series

In My New Olympus Life, Apollo was trying to impress Daphne by giving her some flowers, but she ends up destroying them. He meet Ophelia, who stands up to Daphne, and thanks her, offering her some archery lessons. He is seen later showing her a song he made for Daphne, even though he still getting over her.

He was one of the students to be turned to stone during the Stone Epidemic. Once turned back, he accepted Ophelia's request to go to the marketplace, but offers to bring Dionysus and Poseidon as well.


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