Helping lonely hearts and being beautiful is what makes me a wonderful me!
―Aphrodite introducing herself

Aphrodite is one of the main deuteragonists in The Goddesses of Sr. High. She is the queen bee and most gorgeous student there and most guys' love interest.



Even though Aphrodite's the Queen bee of Olympus Prep, she is kind and caring. She is loyal to her friends and doesn't hesitate to stick up for her friends when they're being bullied, even when it is against her crush, Ares. She isn't conceited and not much vain, though she will care about her looks much.

Aphrodite takes pride in her appearance, and her looks are the reason most guys fall to her feet in infatuation. She will sometimes use her charms to seduce her admirers to her bidding, but she is often tired of their affection. She is often not jealous of girls who are getting more attention from the boys, unless it is Ares.

Physical Appearance

Aphrodite is a slender teenager with an hourglass like figure and a tan complexion, shiny buttery blonde hair, light blue eyes, and pink eye shadow.

Her outfit varies, but it mostly is fashionable or heart related.


  • Matchmaking: Aphrodite can tell if two people would make a great couple or not.
  • Fashion: Aphrodite is an expert at telling which styles are in or out.
  • Smarts: Thought not as smart as Athena, Aphrodite has enough smarts to prove that she is not just a bubble-brained fashionable diva.

Role in the Series

In My New Olympus Life, Aphrodite is first seen at lunch, introduced to Ophelia with Artemis. When Ophelia defends her against Medusa, who calls her "Bubbles", Aphrodite is genuinely grateful. She was the one to suggest getting rid of the Gorgon sisters, but the idea was soon scrapped when she realized Ophelia saw something in Medusa that was worthy of kindness.


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