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This article is about the character from Lady and the Tramp. For the character from the Lilo & Stitch franchise, see Angel.

Angel is the deuteragonist of Disney's 2001 direct-to-video film Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure, the sequel to Lady and the Tramp.



Angel has a kind and confident personality. She is the nicest of the Junkyard Dogs and treated as if she was Buster, the self-proclaimed leader's, girlfriend but she constantly denies this. She is attracted to Scamp straight away and gives him the affectionate nickname, Tenderfoot, just like Scamp's father, Tramp, gave Lady the nickname, Pidge in the original. Angel warns Scamp about the dangers of being in the Junkyard Dogs and confides in him her own insecurities and sad past, being that she has had five families but none have ever stuck. She wishes more than anything to be taken in and loved. From being in the Junkyard Dogs, Angel has a razor-sharp tongue and is very suave and skilled, which impresses Scamp throughout the film. She is the perfect mix of both of Scamp's parents. Confident, street smart and kind like his father, Tramp and loving, sweet and beautiful like his mother, Lady.


Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure[]

Angel once lived with five families that all gave her up because they either moved, had a baby or an allergy. She decided to live a wild life at the junkyard and found Buster and the Junkyard Dogs, and although she never really took them as a family, she had no choice since she had nobody else. She first appears with the Junkyard Dogs chasing and teasing the dogcatcher and she sees Scamp and playfully nuzzles his nose. After Scamp finds her, he takes her as a friend at first, but throughout the movie, their friendship blossoms into romance. History repeats itself when Scamp takes Angel to the very same restaurant his father took Lady, and they both share a spaghetti meal from Tony (albeit in a more messy manner). In the end, she and the others leave Buster in a junk pile and she even gets the family she always wanted as Jim Dear welcomes her into theirs. Thus, she presumably becomes Scamp's mate as well as a daughter-in-law to Lady and Tramp and sister-in-law to Annette, Collette, and Danielle, and thereafter, she and Scamp are always together.


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  • Angel's singing voice is provided by Susan Egan who also provided the voice of Megara in Hercules, which is fitting, since Angel and Megara both have a sarcastic and funny personality. Coincidentally, Scamp's singing voice is provided by Roger Bart who provided the singing voice for Hercules, whose love interest is Megara, like Scamp's love interest of Angel.
  • Angel and Scamp are both mixed-breed dogs, unlike their predecessors, Lady and Tramp. And unlike the last movie, the roles were switched. The female dog (Angel) was the street dog while the male dog (Scamp) was the house pet whereas Lady and Tramp were the opposite.
  • The scene where Angel and Scamp have a spaghetti dinner is a direct reference of Lady and Tramp's dining scene.
  • For an unknown reason, Angel's left ear is folded. This may be because she is a mutt.
  • She's been in 5 families and lost her mom and/or dad in one of them.
  • The fate of Angel's parents remains unknown.
  • She is voiced by Alyssa Milano, who is best known for her role as Phoebe Halliwell in the WB TV series Charmed.
    • Alyssa Milano also stars in the movie Commando as the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jenny Matrix, and encounters the same situation as Angel does.
      • Angel and Jenny are stuck with the villains of the story. (Buster and Bennett)
      • The parent are the ones who have Angel and Jenny (Tramp is the father of Scamp and saved them from the pound and John is Jenny's father and saved them from hostage)
  • In one promotional photo of the movie, it is shown that Angel was given a yellow collar later on.

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