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Alexa is a main protagonist in the Disney musical, Remi from Manila

Voice: Andi Eigenmann

inspiration: Charlie and Gabe Duncan from Good Luck Charlie, Hiro Hamada, Lizzza, Janis Ian from Mean Girls, Moana, Sandy from The Croods 

Alignment: neutral/good

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Appearance: olive skin, brown eyes, black hair, pink shirt, white cat ear hoodie, red and black checkered skirt

Occupation: Remi's younger sister, student at Cavite High School, professional surfer 

Personality: reckless, loving, manipulative, caring, artistic, rebellious

Likes: stealing Remi's makeup, making fun of her when she's with Adam, getting good grades, surfing, singing in her privacy

Dislikes: when Remi catches her stealing her makeup, accidental wipe outs, almost drowning, history class

Weapons: kicking


"Oooh Remi and Adam are getting steamy."

"I just borrowed your contour I hope that's fine."

"You look fat."

"So what?!"


Goal: to protect Remi from Mitch

Fate: kicks Mitch in the stomach and celebrates her victory with her family