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"A Nice Boy Like Me" is a song originally co-written and performed by Barry Manilow with lyrics by Enoch Anderson and Judith Mason.


Walkin' around uptight
And lookin' for noise
Frantic on a Friday night
Just one of the boys
Phony defenses, they fall in my way
A case of hot fire turnin' to stone
Just a wind up poet with a chip on his shoulder
Meetin' Saturday mornin' alone

What's a nice boy like me
Doin' in a place that never closes?
I can hardly hear you
Holy moses lookin' so sad
What's a nice boy like me
Doin' by the dance floor after hours?
Dozin' over rows of whiskey sours?
Feelin' so bad I'm feelin' so bad for me
(What you doin' here boy?)

Lost in the crowd alone
I'm drinkin' my third
I'm hungry for company,
But I can't think of the words
Watchin' the girls, my heart in my hands
What a misplaced, pitiful sight!
Just a stiff upper lip who'll be knowin' tomorrow
What he should've been sayin' tonight!

Won't you tell me what's a nice boy like me?